Video 2D->3D conversation

video2d1Video 2D->3D conversation
• HDMI input and output (1920 x 1080p x 60)
• realtime 2D->3D conversion
• Scaling, Triple Buffering, OSD  


avionicAvionic ARINC Bus Interfacing

• Parallel CPU interface
• ARINC717 und ARINC429 interfaces
• Bridge between CPU and ARINC interfacesVideo 2D->3D conversation

Cameras to display

camerastodisplayCameras to Display Adaptation

• 4 BT656 interfaces, Triple Buffering, Scaler,
Overlay, Display Controller


video2dVideo 2D->3D conversation

• LVDS input from display controller
• LVDS output to display
• realtime 2D->3D conversion 1920x1080px60
• design security


bt656BT656 - i.MX CSI bridgen

• BT656 Receiver, Triple Buffering, Scaler,
Clipper, CSI Interface
• configurable via I2C


LEDLED Array Controller

• serial data forwarding between
LED-Array modules
• LED brightness control
• controlling of LED drivers

Audio - /Imageprocessing

imageprocessingAudio - /Imageprocessing

Intercom System

intercomIntercom System

• BBC Studios Testsystem
• 30Gb‐Router
• Subscribers